Procurement Manager Renewable Energy Plants
Heliopolis România

Heliopolis România

Heliopolis is an Italian smart sustainable solution company. We design and implement new ways of living. Our work consists in giving urban areas a new lease of life, transforming them into places of social aggregation and growth. We implement our projects in collaboration with public and private enterprises, combining urban regeneration with environmental sustainability and with the economic and social development of the local territory.


Domeniile de activitate: Business and Industrial services (Engineering, Evironment), Other industries (Energy)

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Energy production and efficiency


We develop plants for the generation of renewable energy, energy management & efficiency, with the aim of reducing consumption, pollutant emissions and the cost of energy. For us and for our customers, we coordinate all stages of development: value engineering, procurement, project management, authorization procedures, commissioning and energy production. Furthermore, we plan plant interventions to improve performance, optimize production, reduce operating costs and extend the useful life of assets. From co-investment to design, we provide solutions for photovoltaic, wind, hydro-electric and biomass plants. 500 MW Photovoltaic, 200 MW Wind already realized.


Our energy efficiency solutions combine co-investment and engineering with a high technological content. This combination is our strength and a starting point for designing, implementing, monitoring and analyzing projects. We have 80 GW under our management. Through our energy management skills (plant management and maintenance, supply of related services), we are able to curb consumption and pollutant emissions and to ensure financial savings also in complex energy-intensive facilities.


Urban and infrastructure regeneration 


We work to redevelop abandoned and run-down urban areas. We develop projects that combine the objectives of citizens, institutions and financial operators, investing in initiatives and sharing the results with all stakeholders. To do this, we adopt the principles of a smart city: efficiency, sustainability, participation, information, reduced environmental impact, and promotion of green mobility. The same principles that inspire us in designing and managing new infrastructure. We design infrastructure that gives a new lease of life to urban areas, transforming them into places of growth and social aggregation.


International development


We are growing on the international level, becoming an important point of reference in our industry and generating value for the economy and for communities. We are a team of about 80 people engaged in different parts of the world. We are present with our offices in Italy, Romania and Mozambique, and work in different areas of Europe and of the Sub-Saharan Africa. Our projects are based on urban regeneration, clean energy production and energy efficiency, with a particular commitment to respecting and enhancing the environment and the local territory.


Procurement Manager Renewable Energy Plants

Domeniile jobului: Supply Chain & Production (Overall supply chain & production), Operations (Industry Specific)

Misiunea jobului

Performs activities in all areas of materials handling and control, which include, but not limited to ordering, receiving, storing materials

Descriere job


We are searching a full-time Procurement Manager to support a growing pipeline in Solar Plants from 200MW.  The positions reports to the Country Manager in Romania and the Group Procurement Director in Italy. The job is located in Bucharest.



  • Performs activities in all areas of materials handling and control, which include, but not limited to ordering, receiving, storing materials
  • Coordinating daily relations with international suppliers and aligning with in-house logistics
  • Planning, organizing, managing and approve procurement process for all upstream projects
  • Ensuring procurement process adherence to company and client requirements, company policies and procedures to ensure successful delivery of project requirements
  • Interfacing with other company functions departments and vendors for all matters related to the procurement of Projects materials, equipment and services scope
  • Negotiated and implemented new contract terms and conditions with the strategic suppliers
  • Coordinate the activities related to the identification, control and accounting of documents by suppliers, contractors, engineering teams
  • Developed and implemented an efficient supply chain strategy
  • Fostering cost savings (Opex and Capex)
  • Represents the Group in the negotiation of contracts and formulation of policies with suppliers
  • Review purchase requisitions, orders, contracts and offers 
  • Manage the internal flows of materials and optimizes the supply flows
  • Provide commercial input on contract terms and conditions with suppliers
  • Provide procurement reports and contractual support

Cerințe job

  • Minimum of 5 years with relevant experience with Procurmenet Management in Renewable Plants and Solar Maintenance and Operations
  • Ability to coordinate multiple activities and ensure safety, quality and schedule adherence.
  • Good communications, interpersonal, and organizational skills required
  • Romanian mother tongue with good command of English; Italian language is a plus

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